“Be The Best Me I Can Be” Unique Fitness Program

We are so excited to share with you an amazing opportunity for students ages 10-15 during the months of July and August. We are kicking off a new unique program targeting fitness, nutrition and overall health and wellness. Each day, we will participate in a well-rounded workout, learn how to make a new healthy recipe and learn practical information about nutrition and wellness. Here is the breakdown of a typical day:

  • 5 min- Ice Breaker Game
  • 15 min- Warm Up, Dynamic Stretching, & Intro to the day
  • 30 min- Cardio Workout
  • 30 min- Strength Building Exercises
  • 15 min- Cool Down, Static Stretching, & Fitness Tip of the Day
  • 25 min- Nutrition Lesson
  • 35 min- Recipe of the Day
  • 25 min- Wellness Lesson

The program will be taught by a certified Physical and Health Educator at the Children’s Safety Village located in Ashville, NY. We will meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. The start date is Monday, July 9 and the end date is Friday, August 31. The only exceptions to this schedule  Monday, July 23 (we will have a Family night at Wegmans that evening in place of the morning program).

Each Wednesday, we will have a special guest join us for part of the day. Included in these guests are: a Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor, Biking Company, Kayaking Company and Personal Trainer. On Monday, July 16 from 6:30-8:30 pm, we will have our first Family Event where we will meet at Wegmans for some fun and interactive activities centered around healthy meal-preparation.

Our vision for this program is to equip students to be life-long healthy individuals. Our goal is that students will learn and grow in their health and fitness knowledge and skills, and that they will take steps to implement these healthy practices into every-day life. We know that we have a role in educating our students, but we also know that parents and families have a huge role in supporting their students in this program. We really hope that our parents, guardians and families will be involved in this journey right alongside your students. Our hope is that you not only support your student, but that this is something that can truly transform families in Chautauqua County.

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